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Mining Bees

Mining Bees
Mining Bees are stout, quite hairy bees usually in the 10 to 15 mm (⅜ to ⅝ in.) range. They are typically brown, tending to reddish or blackish brown. They may have pale white, yellow or gold hairs. The thorax is very hairy and abdomen is somewhat flattened and may be bare of have bands of hair. Pollen is collected in dense fringes on the hind legs. Some resemble Honey Bees. The two sutures below each antenna, rather than one is the best way to distinguish these bees from others, but of course you need to get a good, close look at the face to do that!
-information provided by weaselhead.org
Like bees in general, Mining Bees are found wherever flowers are abundant. These bees are often numerous in spring. These bees nest in the ground, and while each is solitary, they sometimes form large aggregations. Each bee has her own tunnel system and tends her own brood. She provisions her offspring with pellets made of a mixture of pollen and honey
-information provided by weaselhead.org

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